“KAWANCHU” is a shop of original leather goods from OkinawaKAWANCHU

 KAWANCHU became "KAWANCHU Corporation"

The shop "KAWANCHU" of the original leather goods began business as a new company on January 9, 2018.
I would also like to thank you very much for your continued support and your support from us all day.
We will make every effort to make every effort to further encourage all of our employees as a result of the establishment of this company and to respond to everyone's wishes in good faith with the aim of business development.

 Recruitment of employees

KAWANCHU is looking for permanent part-time workers.
Whether you like leather goods · likes handicraft · wanting to be a leather craftsman · like Okinawa · · · those who work hard at all · existence · experience · sex · age · nationality is not an issue.
Please contact Ikeda in charge about conditions such as working hours and salary etc.

 2019 Event Schedule

Time Venue
May 31 (Fri) - June 6 (Tue) TOKYU HANDS NAGOYA 10F
June 12 (Wed) - 18 (Tue) Hankyu department store Hankyu Umeda head office 9F
June 25 (Tue) - July 1 (Mon) Department store RYUBO(Okinawa) 1F
July 11 (Thu) - 17 (Wed) Department store Tokiwa(Oita) 1F
July 24 (Wed) - 29 (Mon) Isetan Shinjuku stores 6F
Aug 7 (Wed) - 12 (Mon) Takashimaya Tamagawa store 6F
Aug 15 (Thu) - 20 (Tue) Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro stores 8F
Aug 21 (Wed) - 26 (Mon) Takashimaya Yokohama store 8F

 KAWANCHU Motobu MainStore

Motobu MainStore is on the national highway 114 line, next to "Hotel Mahaina / Wellness Resort Okinawa".It is approximately 1 minute by car to "Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium".From the 2nd floor, it is the best place to see the Minnajima Island and Sesokoshima Island.

OPEN 10:00 CLOSE 19:00

Always open


Please drop in to "KAWANCHU Motobu MainStore" on the way back from Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium! Thank you very much.

Year/Month an event
June 30, 2006 I moved from Osaka to Okinawa
January 1, 2008 Opened KAWANCHU at Motobu
August 1, 2009 Opened No.2 shop in ryukyumura in Onnason
August 12, 2010 Opened No. 3 store in Chatan-cho's commercial facility · Depot-island
January 1, 2011 KAWANCHU MainStore in Motobu, relocated renewal opened.
Together with this, all stores are integrated into KAWANCHU Motobu MainStore.
December 4, 2016 At the 32nd Naha-Marathon, Ikeda, the representative of KAWANCHU, completed with Leather Sandals.
26,573 people started in the mid-summer weather, where the temperature is 28 degrees and the humidity exceeds 80%, and 14,138 people were able to finish within the time limit.
It was a very tough race with a finish rate of 53.2%, but I proved that the durability of Leather Sandals who ran through 42.195 km was certain.
December 10, 2017 "Honolulu-Marathon 2017", Kawanchu representative Ikeda finished in Leather Sandals.
January 9, 2018 The original leather shop "KAWANCHU" became a corporation and became "KAWANCHU Co., Ltd.".
March 18, 2018 "The 33rd Los Angeles Marathon", Kawanchu representative Ikeda finished in Leather Sandals.
Updated self record in 4 hours and 7 minutes.