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 Ransel Remake

Ransel Remake

Ransel is a treasure

Ransel basically uses only the lid portion (using a belt portion of a double fold wallet only).
For other parts, we will abandon if there is no demand.
Also, if Ransel's damage is great, you may not be able to make products.

 Ransel Remake process

  • ・As a procedure, bring Ransel to be brought directly to the shop or cut only the lid part and mail it.(In the case of a double fold wallet, cut the shoulder strap and send it)
  • ・In that case, please put in paper which I wrote about the first ~ fourth hope as to what what you want.(※ Please confirm the following reference price)
  • ・Both real leather and synthetic leather may not be able to make large damage.First of all, we will contact you as soon as we check the spot.

※Cancellation after entering production can not be done.
※As a rule, you can not return Ransel you keep.

Die cutting
【Die cutting】

 I will make various accessories

Ransel Remake Ransel Remake
Ransel Remake Ransel Remake

【Ransel Remake reference price】

  1. Leather Sandals 5,800 yen 〜
  2. Petit Shima-zori strap 1,000 yen
  3. IC pass case 3,700 yen
  4. Key case 4,300 yen
  5. Business card holder 5,900 yen
  6. Bi-fold wallet 27,000 yen
  7. long wallet 30,000 yen 〜
  8. Hair Rubber(S) 450 yen
  9. Hair Rubber(L) 650 yen
  10. Smartphone case 4,800 yen
  11. Mini Coin Case 1,800 yen
  12. Zori-Clock 4,300 yen