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 Leather Sandals

Leather Sandals KAWANCHU's original "Kawazouri" is made by pasting cowhide etc. on "Shimazouri (generally called beach sandals in the mainland)" which has been popular in Okinawa for a long time.
It is very light and comfortable to wear. Except for the rubber part of the sole and some parts, it is made of cowhide, and each one is carefully handmade.
A pair of ¥ 5,400 or more.

In addition to cowhide (Motobu cow), there are snake leather, lizard leather, ray leather, crocodile leather, etc.
By combining the types and colors of the leather of the main body and hanao, you can make only one Kawazouri in the world.
We have received orders from many customers and are making a variety of Kawazouri.
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 Kawazouri maintenance is also available

At KAWANCHU, we would like you to wear the leather elephant you purchased for a longer period of time, so we will perform maintenance such as replacing the sole.

Also, regarding the content of maintenance, in addition to replacing the sole, it may be necessary to replace it if there is damage to the hanao. In that case, please consult us.

【Replacing the sole (rubber sole)】
 flat・・2,100 yen
 MID・・・・2,600 yen
 HI・・・・・3,100 yen

【Replacing the sole (rubber sole)+
          Non-slip seat installed】
  flat・・4,200 yen
  MID・・・・4,700 yen
  HI・・・・・5,200 yen

※Currently Kawazouri is equipped with a non-slip sheet for safety and durability improvement.

※When replacing the sole (rubber sole), it will basically be black.
※Please choose either black or red for the non-slip sheet.