“KAWANCHU” is a shop of original leather goods from OkinawaKAWANCHU

 Leather Sandals

Leather Sandals KAWANCHU's original "Leather Sandals" is a sticky cowhide to "Shima-zori (commonly known as a beach sandal in the mainland)" that has long been popular in Okinawa.
It is very light and comfortable to wear.
All parts except the rubber part of the sole and some parts are made of cowhide and made by hand carefully one by one carefully.
A pair of ¥ 5,300 or more.

 With your combination of rich soul color variations and Hanao-string you can only "KAWANCHU"

Hanao-string Color
The color of Hanao-string can be chosen freely for customers who purchased it.
Marking / painting
Customers who purchase at the head office can paint on the spot on the spot.
Flower Custom
One point Flower Custom using Okinawa-like material appears!

 Marking / painting experience

Marking / painting experience
Using engraved marks, characters, numbers, zodiac signs etc can be struck on the thongs.This alone will complete your original Leather Sandals.
You can paint your favorite picture using the electric pen for painting experience.
Why do not you experience the painting experience relaxingly while looking at the beautiful scenery in the painting space on the second floor of KAWANCHU MainStore?
It is okay even if you do not have an image because you are preparing a drawing for illustration!
This service is a privilege only for visitors. Anyone can draw easily and fun.
Regarding the use of the electric pen, we consider it to be over 10 years old, considering the safety aspect.

※The journey time is about 30 minutes (there are individual differences)
In commemoration of the trip · For souvenir · How about a gift for an important person?
※When painting exclusive leather oil etc. is painted frequently, it gets burned to a better color!


Bingata-Hanao Bingata-dyed dyeing of Okinawa's traditional crafts.
Bingata is one of the traditional dyeing techniques that represent Okinawa, and was mainly used as royal family and samurai costumes.